Anne Dameron, Writer

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Mystery Writer, brush pen (c) 2011 by A. Dameron 

Please feel free to use the navigation bar to access the various pages of my site. 

About Annie: Biographical information and writing credits

Contact Me: e-mail and other contact information

Writing Samples (Prose) includes
  • short story "An Apple for Miss Margaret" from my anthology A Patchwork of Life", now available on Smashwords.
  • short story "The Listening Post" included in "From the Dark Side of Shadow", now available on Smashwords

Writing Samples (Poetry) includes

  • Choka (Japanese Poetry) "Ying Yang Invites You to Tea" from "Under the Sakura Tree"

PDFs of Novels: Sample chapters of "Five Elemental Dragons (Cycles One and Two) Fire" and "The Ruby Assassin"

Writing Links: Links to other authors' websites, helpful writing sites and information.

Annie's Gallery: A selection of my favorite paintings, drawings and multimedia projects! Take a look!


New: 9/26/12

New Shop on Etsy

Original artwork for sale in the shop

(Link in the left hand column)

I'm  happy to announce the opening of  "An Eighth Shot of Espresso" on There are 4 original paintings listed for sale so far, but more are coming. Get a jump start on your holiday shopping!

Anne's E-books 

Click on photo for link 


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